Creating remote teams that adapt and thrive 
We create world class learning and team building experiences for teams, giving them the skills to thrive and prosper remotely.

By combining team building and behavioral leadership, we lift your engagement scores, boost your team culture and work with you to redefine what is possible.

Rapid Teams Online is the online arm of specialist team development consultancy, Rapid Teams.

Free webinar: How we align teams fast with an agile tool that narrows in on the tasks and actions that drive results in your team

Some of our clients include

Engagement Action Program 

  • Boost culture: Turn the tide on low engagement scores
  • ​5 day program for employees: As part of a 28 day process for managers
  • Proven process: Trusted by multinationals, start ups and everything in between
  • 99% engagement: Turning a behavioral leadership course into an app-based game means things get done. It also makes learning fun.
  • ​28 days to boost engagement: This is the action step in your employee engagement action plan, not just a pdf checklist that never gets rolled out.

World class teams prepare for change and then embrace it

To embrace the change, your team needs the tools to go for the gap, much like championship team, The All Blacks.


Go for the Gap - When you're on top of your game, change your game.

The All Blacks follow the belief that organizational change requires 4 key factors:

- A case for change
- A compelling picture of the future
- A sustained capability to change
- A credible plan to execute

‘Organizational decline is inevitable unless leaders prepare for change - even when standing at the pinnacle of success.’

Ask yourself: What are you doing today to create the future?

Source: All Blacks Team Charter