"How we align teams fast with an agile tool that narrows in on the tasks and actions that drive results in your team"

  • PDF and downloads: All the tools you need to run meeting - free
  • Practical application: How this aligns to the real world (your team!)
  • Remote or in person: Session covers both options 
Take the first steps to recovery or push from good to great with a world class behavioral leadership program. Our flagship Engagement Action Program.

Designed as part team building game, part leadership course and supercharged for the current world. 


Engagement Action Program was selected in the 2021 Talentculture HR Tech Awards

You are not alone. This is why we created the Engagement Action Program

Short on time, short on support and don't know where to start?
Being a manager in 2021 is not easy. A new working landscape has brought with it a number of complex problems that need to be tackled head on. 

Whether you may be facing poor employee engagement, team transparency issues, under-performance, change-management concerns or are wanting to boost employee empowerment and ensure inclusion, steps need to be made to progress and thrive.

Successful teams will need to learn, adapt and embrace our diverse working cultures and our flagship program is the action step towards next level team engagement and cohesiveness.

No more action plans that go nowhere. Prepare to redefine what is possible in 28 days.
Our process is engineered to set you up for success, one strategic step at a time. 
Change-management is a big part of the picture, as expert guides, we take you and your team on a journey. The focus is on fun and shared experience, whilst breaking down barriers. Meanwhile, we are rolling out a tried and tested culture-boosting playbook. Presented as a game, delivering real impact - in 28 days.

Engagement Action Program Overview

Not just a game or a course. This is a toolkit for remote teams.

To drive team development and see meaningful engagement you need a well thought out process and a plan for each element of the program. 

We've combined our best team games, Agile tools and behavioral leadership case studies. These have been refined over and over again to deliver a seamless development experience for remote teams.

Teams collaborate, learn theory and then put it into practice - all in real time.

The app manages the game, email delivers the case studies

Having delivered this to hundreds of participants in USA, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Australia, we understand the need to keep it simple to improve the user experience. This program works well for remote teams and you do not need a degree in IT to make it work. 

Built to be fun, engaging and all about the user. Or, should we say, all 3 types of users.

Why? After around the 10th time we ran the program, we identified each stakeholder was looking for completely different metrics and needed to be supported in a completely different way.


A tried method to get the team back on track that is fun and doesn't involve powerpoint. Leading others can be lonely and hard, we work with you ensure the team is ready for change and understands how big the prize is for everyone. 


Progress - we are finally doing something fun! We find disgruntled employees and teams need something to snap them out of their current state and push them forward. We provide the tools and templates to roll out in real time and, for the left brain thinkers out there, show them real world precedent.


Actual program completion. We have a 95% completion rate per person (each person on average completes 95% of 'missions' or 'content'), this is unheard of for an online course (that is because it's a game, not a course). We use the ADKAR change management model and every touch point is gamified. We bring the most fun you'll ever see on a leadership program and the most outcomes you've ever seen for a team building program. 

Step by step, supporting you and your team through a proven process

Going from low morale, toxic culture or low engagement scores to a performance culture doesn't happen overnight. Actions, one by one, lead you there. We lead leaders and teams all the way.

We all want to take proactive steps and boost engagement and unity in our remote teams, but sometimes it's hard to know where to start. 

Tough crowd? Toxic culture? Bring it on

Hours of testing and delivery allows us to guarantee we'll meet, then exceed your expectations or your money back. No questions asked. We do team development - nothing else. We are world class and proud to work with world class teams.

Why this program works? Because we all take action together - at the same time.
Are you tired of providing employee training that has no impact? Are your team meetings falling flat? Looking for ways to boost employee engagement? At Rapid Teams, we help managers tackle culture problems through our behavioral leadership game in 28 days.

In the last 3 years since our 'start up', we’ve shown over 2000 clients how to be the change they seek - without sending countless surveys that have no impact. 

We’ve boosted engagement and team transparency, embraced diversity, leveraged individual potential and tackled under-performance and change-management issues for teams world wide and can do the same for you. Our process is backed by our no-questions-asked money back guarantee. Check out our google and trustpilot reviews under the case studies tab.

Rapid Teams Founder, Angus Firth

  • Management Experience: 15 year Operations, Sales and Marketing experience for multinationals in education and training sector including: Dale Carnegie International (London), Leadership Management International (Australia), Navitas (APAC)
  • Qualified: 
    Bachelor of Comms & Management, University of Notre Dame
    Certified Scrum Master
    Design Thinking and Experiential learning - Kaospilot Certified
    Dip Outdoor Leadership (NOLS, USA)
  • Business Owner and Manager: I manage the day to day of Rapid Teams (HQ in Perth, Western Australia), we have a small team and deliver team development and behavioral leadership training both face to face and online (globally) to around 300 people per month. I understand the upward, downward and sideways pressures of being a manager in 2021.
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